Set of Green Bowls.png

Making functional pottery, every pot has a story

Early on in my career as a potter, I loved the idea that something I made from a lump of clay would one day be a part of someone's every day life.  During the creative process,  I am involved in all aspects of my pottery, from wedging, to throwing, to trimming and pulling handles, glazing and firing, that life cycle and intimacy is where my relationship with much of work ends. Each pot I sell then begins it's own journey,  an intimate connection with another.  

That mug you purchase could become your favorite coffee mug, It's shape invites you to wrap your hands around it and spend a few quiet moments at the beginning of each day.  A set of bowls that one day evokes memories of shared times together. Perhaps your purchasing a gift for a friend and they think of you when using that pot. Every pot has a story and once and a while I get to hear about these connections and I'm touched by how something as simple as a clay pot keeps us connected.  I invite you to join in the process and create your story.